The most important hairstylist announced that trends in hairstyle for 2014. We will enjoy romantic braids, beachy waves curls and delicate twists. Simple and natural hairstyles, easy to perform, that we will complete your look. Just follow these easy steps to create a cute look to wear to work or a party!

The famous ponytails are back in the attention of the stylists, with a finish more interesting than ever. You can easily get this look right at your home in only few minutes: dries your hair using a rotary brush for added volume. Teez lightly the hair in the top of the head and finishes it with a brush. Give all your hair back and catch it with an elastic band in the color of your hair. For a more natural look is recommended to gently pull a few strands, making it look messier. Finally you can use a few drops of oil for hair shine.

Loose curls are also at the rage this year. They are easy to make and is suitable on any hair length. If you're happy possessor of a bob haircut, don't be sad because you can achive this look to. Just be creative and play with your hair. To get the loose curls is recommended to use a curling iron with thick drum. The curls should have a natural finish and with a thin curling iron the result will not be the same. Use a  volume foam and spread it throughout the hair. Divide into four and curl the strands from the back. Finally let your head back and cross your fingers through your hair. With this trick, your curls will sit better and look more natural.

Twisted and casual buns. Pull your hair into a loose ponytail and secure it with an elastic at your crown. Twist and wrap your hair into a messy bun, then loop the ends through the elastic. Run your fingers through the front of your hair to loosen it from the elastic, and add texture. They’re not meant to be done perfectly: A little messy can be fun.
Mist your entire head with hairspray from eight inches away to secure your style.

Braided hairstyles. The beauty of these versatile, easy-to-do hairstyles is they work equally well for parties and the everyday. Even better: As elegant as they look, they take only minutes. Begin by sectioning out the hair from your ear forward on one side. On the same side, put the rest of your hair in a low, side ponytail. Take the section you left out and braid it. Once you finish this section, take the end of the braid and keep braiding with the rest of the hair. Loosen the braid by pulling on small sections with your fingers, making it look messier.



  • fashion-basket 24.02.2014 19:51

    corect! si universal avantajos ;)

  • monica 20.02.2014 11:05

    cred ca este cel mai permisiv trend din ultimii zece ani

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